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Daliya Chikki Split Chickpeas Candy

Daliya Chikki Split Chickpeas Candy was my way of celebrating Sankranti, Pongal, the turning of tide for better times, as it is often culturally conceived in India.  Sankranti, though traditionally considered as a fixed festival on January 14, is now widely also celebrated now on January 15 too, with this time being more specific ot the sun moving into the  Capricorn Zodiac according  to Indian Calendar,  Also from this day forward, the days get longer, per the Indian calculation. While watching the Republican Debate at South Carolina, the entire servings of Daliya Chikki Split Chickpeas Candy was consumed!  It is addictive for sure, just as some snacks and savouries that you just cannot stop eating!

The  texture of Daliya Chikki Split Chickpeas Candy is crispy or chewy, based on how long the jaggery is cooked so one can personalise the consistency . What I like about Daliya Chikki Chickpeas Candy is that it is a great combination of Jaggery, Split Bengal Gram or Chickpeas, and Ghee. Jaggery loaded with Iron and Chickpeas,  also frequently eaten in cold climate zone, as it provides strength and it helps in lowering the glycemic index too and you are getting your protein too!  As this combination is in candy form, it can be consumed easily and frequently such as tea, afternoon snack, mid  morning bite or just any time bite. If wondering how does this split chickpeas look like refer Daliya Dal

It is ready to eat in about ten minutes and can be made for several days use!! Now I like that about this! A guest to come for tea, why not quickly make this and serve?!It is not just tea time, it is chikki time too, specially in the winter months!!

Happy Sankranti to All!


Recipe makes Approx 9 pieces of 2*2 inches

TIme to Cook 10 min

Time to prepare : 2 min


  • 3/4 cup daliya dal
  • 3/4 cup diced jaggery
  • 2 1/2 tsp unmelted ghee
  • Greased Foil Sheet with ghee



  • In a nonstick pan, roast the daliya dal on low flame for 5-6 minutes.



  • Remove and cool on a plate.
  • In the same pan, heat the ghee to melt.
  • Add jaggery and stir in constantly for about 3-5 minutes.


  • Once the jaggery is well cooked – about 3 minutes to keep it chewy and about 5 minutes for dark and crispy taste.


  • Add in the roasted daliya dal for a minute or so, and form a lump if its is possible,


  • Quickly transfer into the greased foil and spread it into flatten as possible.



  • Using a roll pin, to flatten the chikki.
  • Cool for a a two minutes, and make square pieces with a sharp knife.
  • Store in an air-tight container as soon a s they have cooled down.



The above picture has both the chewy and crispy chikkis for comparison of color. I personally like the crispy one better and also it does not stick to the teeth, which is how I prefer.

Diamond shape is also another possible option.

The thinner the base is , the cuts or the edges of the chikki will be more cleaner.

One faster way of crumbing jaggery into small pieces, is microwave for about 15 seconds and it will soften and will be easy to crumble.

Instinct Factor

While roasting the jaggery look out for the aroma of roasted jaggery, after which it should be cooked within another minute.

Feel Factor

Taste and feel of home sweet home!. Rajkot is known for its jaggery based chikki, and its been so many years that I have had a chikki from Rajkot, that this is as close as I can get to the original taste and I would say that it is pretty close!! The texture is crispy/chewy and its quite addictive as it is very easy to finish these 9-10 pieces by a single individual who has a liking for Daliya Chikki Split Chickpeas Candy.