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Cooking by Instinct

Cooking by Instinct is inspired by the belief that all of us are chefs at heart and we just have to find our creative self. Instinctive cooking has been the norm for generations and creating, improvising, and innovating is all guided by the five senses.

As a young girl, I was never into cooking, but I always remembered the aromas and tastes coming from my mom’s kitchen. It is these aromas that helped me find my way in recreating the dishes that were my favorites when growing up. I was definitely the least skilled person in the kitchen in my family, but today I have friends who desire to learn my recipes.

As a budding cook, I realized that desire for perfection can sometimes cause fear and stop you from trying new or different things. When the necessity was there, I had no choice but to rely on my instincts, and it is on that premise that I plan to build this blog. Trusting your instincts and translating the instinct based recipes to quantifiable measurements is something most chefs do inherently.

So, the idea here is that if a person with no knowledge of cooking can be well appreciated for her cooking skills- the same should be true for everyone. We just have to find the connection within ourselves and trust ourselves and our skills in cooking, and go beyond the initial nervousness of “Is it possible for me to cook?”

The ingredients used in the recipes are US brands, so may want to keep that in mind. For readers in India keeping the sugar/salt requirements  to half of what is mentioned, would be a safe reference.

Feel free to share your experiences  and recipes on Vegetarian/Vegan/Jain Cooking as well as your experiences in cooking based on instinct.

I hope this helps you with your cooking aspirations, so let your heart rule your kitchen!


Gifts and Stationary creations bringing one closer to Nature!

Dhruti in Sanskrit language means belonging to earth! True to my name, I enjoy nature and love to go for long walks. During my walks I capture glimpses of nature that I feel are enlightening moments showcasing some learning from mother Nature. I love exploring connections of humans and nature and of humans with other living things. My strong passion to care for our environment and be respectful of all living beings came from my religion. I am a follower of Jain religion and a Jain Principle I hold very close to my heart, is that “Every soul renders service to another” and hence goal of each life is to be of service to one another. In that context I find that Nature also renders service by showing us secrets about ways to live and enjoying this precious human life to the fullest.

Join me in my journey to exploring nature, being one with nature and bring a shining moment of nature around you. These creations will let you enjoy beauty of nature in your everyday life and workspace. All photographs have been captured by me and all quotes written by me. The quotes represent my inspiration from the photograph. I would love to customize one of my creations and incorporate personal messages to make it a more personal and meaningful experience for you to enjoy. I am also open to working on bulk corporate orders as well. Enjoy exploring my collection and visit again soon!


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