Two Lips Wraparound Mug


Two Lips Wraparound Mug is a nature inspired quote about Kiss and Love, with fun pun from TULIPS!  Spring is about new life and love is the center of  new life with flowers happily nodding and birds chirping!

Welcome Spring with this lovely mug with beautiful tulips and enjoy colorful spring blooms in your kitchen daily! Do not miss viewing  the beautiful tulips, even if you switch hands while drinking your favorite drink, making this a great gift for left and right hander.

An 11oz 2tone mug in red and white that has a wraparound image of colorful tulips  and is microwave and dishwasher safe. It also has the words “Two Lips” on the bottom right corner of the image.

Celebrate Easter, friendship and give this gift of love to someone special!


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Two Lips Wraparound Mug inspired from the image of two tulips of different colors next to each other and shaking their heads! A colorful two tone 11 oz mug  in red and white  with a wraparound image of the tulips against the backdrop of a strong trunk of tree. The text Two Lips indicated on the bottom right of the mug is a gentle nudge from Nature to Stay in Love!  You can view the colorful tulips whether you are left hander or a right hander! Always be surrounded by Spring when  you have your favorite drink in this 2tone mug with tulips all around it!Two Lips Wraparound Mug





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