Nature’s Sketch Medium Gift Set


Nature's Sketch Medium Gift Set consists of 4 coasters, each measuring 3.75″x3.75″, printed in high gloss finish, having a great resolution of the reflections of the townhouses. It also has an 11oz mug with the reflections image printed on most part of a two tone mug in black and white. A classy set, with a contemporary touch, will surround you with the original artwork by Nature, that often inspires other artists to imitate. Why not get the original artwork from mother Nature itself? And to always remember the artist who drew this sketch, the word “Nature's Sketch” has been printed in subtle gold on the coasters as well as the bottom right hand corner of the mug! As an artist, I was left speechless when I saw this image, and hence I wanted to imprint the Artist(Nature) on this image via the word Nature's Sketch. This will also remind you of Amsterdam. as the architecture is similar to the homes found there.

The image will not only bring you closer to the beauty of Nature on a day to day basis, but when you have friends over, it will be a great conversation piece as well! Nature's Sketch Medium Gift Set is truly a gift worthy of surrounding yourself with! The coasters are easily wiped clean and come with cork backing for ease of use and the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe! And if you are local, gift wrapping is possible as well!

Available for Shipping and available for free Gift Wraps for local pickups.

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Nature’s Sketch Medium Gift set showcases original artwork  by Nature, that inspires artists! It is a collection of 4 coasters and a matching mug that highlights the drawing of mother Nature, with its tools of wind and water. Its a show put by Nature for everyone to  enjoy! The coasters are printed in high gloss finish, and are backed with cork for ease of use. Each coaster measures 3.75″x 3.75″ and can be easily wiped clean. Mug size is 110z and comes with the wraparound printing of the image covering most part of the mug.

The two tone color of the inside and outside gives it a nice classy look. Nature’s Sketch Medium Gift Set is a great set that contains the word Nature’s Sketch on the coasters, as well as on the bottom right hand of the mug. The whole set has a nice contemporary look because of its image, colors, hues and shape! A great giftset to enjoy in your own house or to give someone with a eclectic taste to enjoy!

Available for Shipping to all locations and available for free Gift Wraps for local pickups.

Nature's Sketch Medium Gift Set


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